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"Complete" List Of Obsessions& Compulsions.

Partly adapted from Brain Lock by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, Regan Books, 1996, pp. xvii.

   Incidence of Obsessions
   by Percentage.
   Incidence of Compulsions
   by Percentage.
  • Contamination: 32.9%
  • Aggression: 16.6%
  • Need for Exactness: 8.5%
  • Religious: 6.3%
  • Somatic: 6.2%
  • Sexual: 5.3%
  • Hoarding/Saving: 4.0%
  • Miscellaneous: 20.2%
  • Checking: 28.1%
  • Cleaning/Washing: 25.9%
  • Mental: 11.5%
  • Repeating: 11.0%
  • Ordering/Arranging: 5.3%
  • Hoarding/Collecting: 3.2%
  • Counting: 2.6%
  • Miscellaneous: 12.4%



Obsessions Concerning Contamination.
This will result in excessive fear of, or avoidance of the following:
  • Bodily waste and/or secretion, such as urine, feces, saliva and blood.

  • Dirt and Germs.

  • Chemical Products, including household products.
Compulsions Concerning Cleaning/Washing.
  • Repeatedly washing 1's hands out of fear they are contaminated. This can lead to cracked and bleeding hands, all the way up to the elbows. ( There are some products on the market to help you to take care of your hands. Click Here to find more information.)

  • Constantly cleaning the house and vacuuming even when no dirt is visually seen.

Obsessions Concerning Saving/Collection Things also known as Hoarding.
This will result in:
  • Reluctancy to throw things away, independent of their value or usefulness.

  • Looking through the garbage to ensure nothing valuable was thrown away, some will go through others peoples garbage.

  • Collecting such useless items.

  • Urge to pick up items from the ground.

  • Discomfort when being around empty space and feeling the need to fill them.
Compulsions concerning Hoarding.
  • Carefully and minutely inspecting household trash in case something "valuable" has been thrown out. This process can be repeated until some sense of certainty is achieved.
    Some will do the same with trash in general, always thinking something may be thrown out by accident.
  • Accumulating useless objects, for instance because they feel they may be needed 1 day.

Obsessions Concerning Order.
This will result in:
  • Wanting things to be Symmetrical.

  • Ordering everything around them.

  • Wanting things to be "perfect", exact.

  • Seeking that feeling of "Just Right".

  • Preoccupation with aligning items such as papers, books in a certain "perfect" way.
Compulsions about having things to be "Just Right".
  • The need for symmetry and total order around them.
    Meaning a person will for instance have their cans placed neatly and in alphabetical order, will have a specific spot for things, will align magazines in perfectly ordered way.

  • The need to repeat doing an action until it feels "Just Right". This can be any action.

Obsessions Concerning Religion also known as Scrupulosity.
This will result in excessive worry of:
  • Having blasphemous thoughts or saying bad things.

  • The fear of being punished for these Thoughts.

  • Concern with religious beliefs.

  • Repeating and getting stuck on religious images and/or thoughts.
Religious Compulsions.
  • Mental rituals, such as reciting silent prayers in an effort to make a bad thought go away.

Obsessions Concerning Somatic.
This results in excessive fear, worry and preoccupation with:
  • Having an illness.

  • Having others react negatively to 1's appearance.
Somatic Compulsions.
  • Checking 1's body in association with bodily obsessions.

Obsessions Concerning Aggression.
This results in excessive fear of:
  • Harming yourself.

  • Harming loved 1's, or people in general.
    Seems the dearer the person is to you, the more intense and more upsetting the Obsessions will be.

  • The fear that the Violent and Horrific impulses/images/thoughts may be real.

  • Blurting out insults and/or obscenities.

  • Acting out unwanted impulses, such as running someone over or stabbing a person.
No examples here since aggression is never carried out.

Obsessions with Responsibility also known as Hyper- Responsibility.
This results in being afraid of:
  • Harming someone else by being careless.
    Picking up pieces of glass on the street, informing people a public light is broken, take away items that may hurt others.

  • That this carelessness or other actions of theirs may cause some terrible accidents, fires or burglary's.

  • The fear that what they say can be mis- interpreted and hurt someone and making them ask for assurance they didn't. This is also part of the need to say things "Just Right".
Checking/Responsibility Compulsions.
  • Checking to make sure 1 hasn't harmed someone. For instance driving around the block repeatedly to ensure no 1 has been run over.

Obsessions Concerning Sex.
This results in unwanted and intrusive thought like:
  • Sexual impulses/images/thoughts that can be extremely disturbing.

  • Thoughts about molesting your own or other people's children.

  • Doubts on whether or not 1 is Homosexual or would become 1.
    Looking at a person of the same sex is enough to trigger this since they feel they may be giving out signs of being Homosexual. Or they may feel a Homosexual will "contaminate" them just by passing by them.
No examples since people never act out on such Obsessions.

Obsessions with Food and Weight.
  • A preoccupation with foods and/or food measurements.

  • Rituals that involve food, such as making sure that every bite is the same size, making sure food doesn't touch the plate, eating a certain amount of bites and so on.

  • The irrational fear that some food is bad or must be avoided.

  • Focusing excessively on 1's weight, resulting in weighing 1- self several times a day.

Obsessions about Superstitious Beliefs or also know as "Magical Thinking".
  • Fear of saying/thinking certain words because of the negative consequences that may result from doing so.

  • Not being able to use certain Colors, #'s or Letters because they are negative, some #'s will be unlucky or lucky.

  • Rigid adherence to excessive superstitious fears.

  • Everything can become "negative" or "positive" and will become very rigid and omnipresent in the person's life.
Compulsions about Superstitious Beliefs.
  • Behaviors based on superstitious beliefs, such as avoiding to step on cracks.

  • A feeling of dread if some arbitrary act is not performed.

Obsessions Concerning Perfection.
The fear/preoccupation with the following:
  • The urge to remember certain things such as slogans, license plate #'s, names, words or event of the past...
    This could also be explained as the "Fear" of forgetting.

  • The fear of saying something wrong or not "Just Right" and/or leaving details out.
    This makes the person go to great extend to tell everything "Just" as it was.

  • Worrying about making mistakes.

  • Easily bothered by the feel of clothing, textures on the skin.
    Small imperfections can drive the person crazy.
Compulsions Concerning Perfection.
  • Checking and rechecking for mistakes, for instance when balancing a checkbook or making homework.

  • Being incredibly slow in carrying out even the most routine activities.
    Might be because the person is looking for perfection, that Just Right feeling or just has to check everything she/he does.

  • Unfounded fears that 1 failed to complete a routine task correctly, such as filling out a form, paying a bill, posting a letter.

Checking Compulsions.
  • Repeatedly checking to see whether something is safely closed or turned off, such as going back several times to check if the door is securely closed or electrical appliances switched off.

  • Checking to make sure 1 hasn't harmed someone. For instance driving around the block repeatedly to ensure no 1 has been run over.

  • Checking and rechecking for mistakes, for instance when balancing a checkbook or making homework.

Repetitive Rituals.
  • Repeating of routine activities for no logic reason.

  • Repeating the same questions.

  • Rewording or rewriting words or phrases.

Miscellaneous Obsessions.
Preoccupation with the following:
  • Easily bothered by certain sounds and noises such as clocks ticking, loud noises or buzzing.

  • Intrusive nonsense sounds, music, words. Certain songs will be repeated over and over in the mind.
Miscellaneous Compulsions.
  • Blinking or Staring Rituals.

  • Asking for reassurance from a person you trust.

  • The overwhelming need to tell someone something, ask someone something or to confess.

  • The need to touch, tap or rub certain objects repeatedly.

  • Counting compulsions, such as counting panes in windows, or steps.

  • Excessive List- Making.

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